Service Details

Solar photovoltaic panels mounted either on your roof or on the ground to provide electricity to your home or business

Residential & Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Solar H2O & Electric designs and installs solar photovoltaic systems to provide electricity to your home or business using the power of the Arizona sun. The system consists of a system of photovoltaic panels mounted either on your roof or on the ground on your property. Each system is custom designed to meet your particular energy needs. Our highly experienced and professional installation team installs the system quickly and efficiently and without disruption to your electrical service.

Your new solar energy system will allow you to produce electricity using the sun’s energy. Your system will be sized to produce enough electricity to power your home or business and reduce or eliminate your dependence on the local electric utility provider. Any excess energy produced will provide a credit towards future energy use.

Solar water heating for your home or business

Residential & Commercial Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar H2O & Electric custom designs and installs solar water heating systems. Solar water heating is done by heating water by the sun via solar panels. The heated water is stored in a tank for use as needed. It is not only affordable but is also great for the environment. It produces no emissions and is replenished naturally with one of Arizona’s best resources….the sun!

Solar water heating provides the following benefits:

  • Qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Qualifies for up to $1000 AZ tax credit
  • Qualifies for local incentives from T.E.P.
  • Reduces your water heating bill up to 80%
  • Helps protect the environment
  • Extends the life of your water heating tank by dramatically reducing scaling
  • Adds value to your home or business property
Heat your swimming pool with solar energy.

Residential & Commercial Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar H2O makes it easy to heat your swimming pool with solar energy. We custom design and install a solar pool heating system to heat your pool while providing more comfortable water and extending the swimming season.

Cold water is pumped from your swimming pool through a solar collector. Like a garden hose lying in the sun, the collector heats the water inside which is then pumped back into your pool.

Benefits of heating your swimming pool with solar energy include:

  • Drastically reducing or completely eliminating your current pool heating cost
  • Extending your swimming season and having more fun with the family
  • Providing a comfortable water temperature
  • Adding value to your home and pool

Payment Terms

Purchase or Lease

Solar H2O & Electric offers two options to pay for your new solar energy system, purchase or lease. Each option has benefits, and you may select the option that is right for you.

Leasing a Solar Energy System

Solar H2O provides a solar lease proposal based on the total price of the system, available solar incentives, and homeowner qualifications. Upon credit approval and agreement of our partner leasing company, SunCap Financial, Solar H2O completes the system installation and is paid directly by the leasing company. Once complete, the homeowner begins making affordable, fixed monthly lease payments to the leasing company and is provided installation insurance, a system warranty, and a power production guarantee.

By leasing a solar energy system, you can affordably incorporate solar power, reduce electricity bills, and maximize cash flow with little or no money down upon system installation. Benefits include:

  • No upfront customer installation cost
  • Offers flexible down payment options
  • Incorporates a 20 year term
  • Assures low fixed monthly payments
  • Net savings in year one
  • System monitoring, maintenance, installation warranty and system insurance included.
  • Flexible and transferable lease terms
  • Money-back, power production guarantee
  • Provides an estimated 10-20% energy bill savings
  • Provides a power production guarantee

Purchasing a Solar Energy System & Finance Options

You can also consider purchasing your new solar energy system.

Solar H2O & Electric can also accept the utility company rebate as payment, making your custom designed PV system more affordable than ever while limiting your out of pocket costs.

12-Month Same as Cash

One option to consider if you decide to purchase your solar energy system is 12 Months Same as Cash. This option allows you to finance your system over twelve months with no interest.