My family and I are extremely proud of our home's new ability to generate renewable power. Daniel S. Alcombright

Hi Jim -

“I wanted to share something that you probably already know, but it never hurts to hear: All of your guys whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet have been more than professional. Jacob came out last week to give me the rundown on what was going to happen and when. Ian and John showed up shortly thereafter and started building the roof racks. That’s clearly a bigger job than I expected, but they’re on it. Hector, Justin, and Jeff showed up this morning to install the inverters and disconnects. Every one of these guys was able to answer my questions or was able to get me an answer shortly after I asked. You have a very professional crew and, as a customer, I highly appreciate that!”


Joe Lauer
“Everyone was very nice, efficient and didn’t mind answering all of our questions. They kept us informed of every step. My experience was excellent.”
V. Saxon
Tucson, AZ
“Your employees were professional and friendly. I was impressed.”
B. Smith
Tucson, AZ.
“Solar H2O installed a 9.45 Kw photovoltaic system on my roof. The did an excellent job from start to finish. They handled all of the TEP and City of Tucson applications and inspections. They started on time and finished the project a little ahead of schedule. The installation was clean, and their employees professional. I would highly recommend this contractor!”
J. Romer
Director of Management Aberdeen Group Tucson, AZ.

“This business runs the way all businesses should. The owners really want to deliver on what they promise. All three owners are actively involved in all aspects of the operation and are insistent on providing quality installations that satisfy the customer.

I am, in no way, affiliated with this company, or any of the owners. I have only met them before and during, the two different installations that I have used them for.

One, is a solar hot water project for my business. They went above and beyond in creating a trouble-free system that is cutting my natural gas usage significantly (to heat hot water). Even after signing the original contract, they significantly upgraded my system to include some custom-made (costly to them) parts that would be helpful in creating an even more efficient system. These items I didn’t ask for, nor was I insistent in getting them, but they certainly were upgrades that they didn’t have to do. I’m super appreciative of their efforts in looking out for my best long-term outcome and efficiency of my system..

Our home PV system is the second system installed by Solar H2O and we couldn’t be happier with the 14.7kwh production and design. I feel very assured that they only use the highest quality panels, wire size gauge, and inverters. They really don’t want any of their installed systems to ever have a problem, and I know their pricing is competitive with those companies that offer cheaper, and often less efficient components.

With both systems, it’s important to note there were no hidden costs, or add-on charges — even if they incurred costs themselves for the upgraded, custom components.

I wish all companies operated they way this one does.

Sorry for the long post, but I really like this company and how it works to the benefit of the customer.”

Clark S.
Tucson, AZ 3/16/2011
“We researched 4 Solar PV firms and selected Solar H2O on the basis of competitive pricing but, especially, on the very positive feedback from existing users. Now we are one of those very satisfied users. Solar H2O & Electric provides a truly “turn-key” operation. They took care of everything – permits, TEP, inspections, etc. From our perspective the PV installation was smooth and very well done. We appreciated some of the little extras like digging holes for future shrubs near the PV array , painting the electric conduit, regrading our gravel and flagstone ever better than it was originally. These days it is very unusual to find a company that exceeds your expectations-Solar H2O is one of those!”
Dennis W.
Tucson, AZ 3/14/2011